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Exclusive creations for three generations

Aird Joaillier is a prestigious jewelry and jewelry store located at 1543 Fleury Street in Montreal. Aird Joaillerie was founded in 1946 by Simon Aird and is now a renowned retailer, designer, and craftsman-manufacturer of engagement rings, gold and silver jewelry, pearls, watches, diamond rings, and wedding rings.

Aird Joaillier is renowned for the quality of its creations, its imports, its exclusive collections and the professionalism of its high-end jewelry repair and maintenance service.

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The House

Aird Joaillier was founded in 1946 by Mr. Simon Aird. With 70 years of experience and expertise in the creation and manufacture of high-end jewelry, the family business continues a tradition where know-how and personalized service remain the pride of three generations of master craftsmen.

Originally located on Avenue Mont-Royal, Aird Joailler is rapidly building a reputation for excellence in the craft industry. Moving to 1543 rue Fleury Est in 1976, the jeweler has already had a solid clientele, looking for quality jewelry and watches with an innovative and timeless design.

Today headed by Mr. Eric Aird, owner-jeweler, and supported by his father Daniel, the know-how of a whole line is preserved and progresses in the pursuit of excellence.

Aird Joaillier is distinguished by its creativity and manufacturing techniques at the cutting edge of the latest technological innovations. Each season, the company travels across Europe in search of exclusive, original and unique stones. In addition to the collection branded by the house, Aird Joaillier offers its customers finely selected gold, platinum, pearls, diamonds, and precious stones.

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A few Tips

The Maintenance of Your Jewels

It is recommended to regularly clean your jewelry gently with soapy lukewarm water, gently polishing with a very soft bristle brush. Once cleaned, rinse with warm water and wipe with a soft cloth. As the maintenance of pearls and emerald requires more delicate attention, it is recommended to entrust the task to a specialist. It is also preferable to entrust your jeweler to your jeweler once a year so that the jeweler can conduct an in-depth interview. These will be cleaned and restored to preserve its luster and value.

Battery Change

It is strongly recommended to change the battery of your watch after two years of use. A worn battery, even functional, may cause the deterioration of the internal mechanism of your watch. It is also advisable to always change the battery of your usual jeweler because it is best placed to assess the condition of the wheels and advise you if necessary.

On the Daily

Remember to always remove your rings before washing your hands to prevent soap particles from getting into the cavities. Too much abrasive soap could also damage precious metals and stones. It is recommended not to wear your jewelry at the beach, the pool or when doing household chores. Sand, salt, chlorine, and abrasive detergents can damage stones and pearls or cause scratches on metals. Store each of your jewelry in its individual box and make sure to lay your chains flat to avoid the formation of knots.

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